Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics


Candidates will be considered for admission into the PhD in Mathematics if they have a Master of Science in Applied or Pure Mathematics from NUST or equivalent qualification in a related discipline from a recognised institution at NQF Level 9 with evidence of a supervised research. Candidates will be required to submit a concept paper on their proposed research areas and may be required to attend a pre-selection interview at the discretion of the Faculty Research Committee (FRC) to ascertain their competencies for independent research in a specialised area of Mathematics and its applications. The Higher Degrees Committee (HDC) will approve the final selection and admission of the selected candidates in accordance with the regulations as specified by the Rules for Postgraduate Studies of the NUST Yearbook. Hence, registration prior to the approval of a research proposal is provisional and will be made official only when the proposal is approved by the HDC. These procedures will be fully explained to each prospective student during his or her personal interview.

A Master of Science in Mathematics or an equivalent qualification at NQF Level 9.

Career Possibilities: 
Graduates from the PhD programme in Mathematics will be well-equipped to fill positions that require critical thinking, logical reasoning, modelling, computational, quantitative and qualitative skills acquired in the programme at research organisations, consulting firms, tertiary institutions and government agencies and to participate as consultants or members of interdisciplinary teams in a wide range of organisations, including the financial service, engineering and environmental service sectors.
Modes of Study: 
3 years
Level of Programme: 
Course Code: 
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