Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Welcome to Department of Biology, Chemistry and Physics which is the nucleus of institution transforming into University of Science and Technology.

The Department, inaugurated in January 2014, provides an environment where students at all levels will be able explore, discover and learn through course work, laboratory experiments, research projects and Work Integrated Learning (WILL).

As a relatively new Department, we currently offer three programmes, namely, a Bachelor of Science (major and a minor in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics), Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Radiation Science and Technology and Bachelor of Science Honours.

Our students receive close interaction and guidance from qualified staff through advising. Our programme revolves around training new scientists for leadership positions in industry, government and academia. Sound laboratory and industrial experiences and training in research projects are all integral parts of our curricula in this natural sciences programme at all levels.

Graduates of any of our programmes will be able to qualify for employment in the following areas: teaching/lecturing, formulation, analysis and testing, consulting, research and development, environmental analyses, forensics, production and industrial quality control, management, technical sales, chemical sales or instrumentation sales and service, entrepreneurship, etc. They will able to find employment in private and government institutions such as laboratories, manufacturing, universities and colleges, biotech firms, food processing firms, pharmaceutical companies, agricultural, and environmentally-oriented organisations.

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