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Bachelor of Science Honours (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics)
Modes of Study  Full-time
Duration 1 Year
Level Postgraduate
Course Code 08BOSH


The Bachelor of Science Honours aims at consolidating and deepening the knowledge and expertise in applied natural science dis‐ 
ciplines and to develop student’s capacity to conduct supervised research of an applied nature. The programme is purposefully de‐ 
signed to expose students to advanced scientific concepts, theories, tools, and methods. Students will be able to critically evaluate 
and apply theoretical and practical aspects of natural sciences in general; develop advanced information acquisition and have the 
skills required to analyse and solve a wide range of pressing challenges and needs in relation to science, technology, engineering 
and Mathematics (STEM) in the current Namibian market and economy.

This programme provides a platform for developing scientific literacy and for increasing essential scientific knowledge and skills 
for lifelong learning in STEM. Additionally, the programme is designed to enable students to appreciate the relationship between 
science and other disciplines. Thus, the programme will enable students to demonstrate deepened, comprehensive and systematic 
scientific knowledge required to effectively communicate research results in written and oral formats.

In following this programme, students will have had the opportunity to develop such skills, in particular relating to communication, 
interpersonal skills, learning skills, research skills, numeracy, self‐management, use of IT and problem‐solving and will have been 
encouraged to further develop and enhance the full set of skills through a variety of opportunities available outside their curricu‐ 


Admission Requirements 

Candidates will be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Science Honours programme if they have a Bachelor of Science 
degree (with a major in Biology, or Chemistry or Physics) at NQF Level 7 from NUST. Alternatively, candidates should have an equiv‐ 
alent qualification at NQF level 7 from a recognised institution, worth at least 360 NQF credits, or a pre‐NQF Bachelor degree of at 
least three years duration from a recognised institution with specialisations in Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

NB: Admission into a specialisation will be based on the major undertaken previously at the undergraduate level (NQF Level 7).
Articulation Arrangements

Transfer of credits will be dealt with according to the NUST’s regulations on Recognition of Prior Learning. These provide for course‐ 
by‐course credits as well as credit transfer by volume under certain academic conditions. Maximum credit that can be granted is 
50% of the credits for a qualification.

Students who complete the Bachelor of Science Honours programme will be able to pursue further studies in applied natural sci‐
ences, or a related cognate area of learning, at NQF level 9.

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