Welcome to the Faculty of Health, Natural Resources and Applied Sciences

Welcome to the Faculty of Health, Natural Resources and Applied Sciences. The Faculty is a very important knowledge-partner that contributes remarkably to the development of the country in various ways. The Faculty is adequately equipped with state-of-the- art facilities for teaching and learning as well as for research. The Faculty consists of three department, namely: The Departments of Applied Sciences, Health Sciences and Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences.

We offer degree programmes in Biological, Health, Mathematical and Physical Sciences. Our qualifications range from undergraduate degrees through honours and masters, up to doctoral degrees in some cases.

The Mathematics Tutoring Centre strives to provide a favourable learning environment and support system for students in order for them to gain a better understanding of mathematical and statistical concepts. Students can acquire assistance from Mathematics and Statistics tutors at the Centre.
Services offered:
Free tutorial support for all mathematics and statistics courses
Face-to-face consultations (individual drop-in tutoring and group tutoring)
Mathematics reference materials available

NB: All NUST students are welcome to make use of the facilities at the Centre.

            Dates: Mondays - Fridays
            Times: 07:30 - 16:30 
            Venue: Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences Building, Ground floor, Room G51



Message from the Executive Dean

Dean Dr Onesmus Shuungula Thank you for visiting the Faculty of Health, Natural Resources and Applied Sciences' website. It is indeed my pleasure to take you through the Faculty’s programmes and activities. If you are a potential student, you should find the information here helpful in reaching a decision on your future studies with us. If you are an alumnus or an interested visitor to our home page we would appreciate hearing from you.



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