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Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences
Modes of Study  Full-time/ Part-time
Duration 3 Years
Level Postgraduate
Course Code 10DOHS


The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Health Sciences programme will be by pure research (full thesis) registrable at NQF level 10. 
It aims at developing skilled and competent individuals with the ability to conceptualise, develop and conduct applied research  in 
the  field of Health Sciences. The programme builds on previously acquired  theoretical and practical knowledge at NQF level 9 
and other industrial experience of students to investigate and develop innovative ideas and products to solve problems in the field 
of Health Sciences. The degree is designed  for candidates with health  sciences background who seek  to deepen and enhance 
competencies in specific areas. The programme will create a critical mass of skilled individuals in the field of Health Sciences that 
are of great need in the country. The growing sophistication and recent developments in health sciences research require stronger 
capacity  for interdisciplinary research. Consequently, students need  to have mastery of  their disciplines in order  to contribute 
their expertise in multi‐disciplinary fora in education and research. In addition, cutting‐edge research is increasingly dependent on 
collaboration among related disciplines in health sciences.

The hallmark of a research‐focused doctoral degree is an individualised programme that supports development of expertise in 
various  fields of Health Sciences with increasing depth in scientific investigation. The end product of a PhD in Health Sciences 
programme of study is the thesis, an independent research project completed under the guidance of the supervisor that adds new
knowledge to the field and prepares the graduate to embark on a scientific career. The PhD degree programme in Health Sciences
will provide guidance, training and mentorship for students from various health fields, with the aim of preparing the next generation 
of health experts and researchers.

Overall, the programme aims to:
• Develop competent individuals with the ability to conduct independent research in Health Sciences;
• Enhance  student’s ability  to apply  previously acquired  theoretical and  practical knowledge  to conduct applied  research in 
Health Sciences;
• Utilize existing competencies in advancement of innovative and applied research in Health Sciences in the country and beyond;
• Use interdisciplinary approaches to solve complex problems in Health research and education.
• Encourage development of Novelty work and or products.

The development of this PhD programme has the support of management of the Department and Faculty, Advisory Board Members, the 
health fraternity in Namibia, the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Health Professions Council of Namibia and academic peers 
from similar institutions within the region and in other parts of the world.


Admission Requirements 

Candidates may be considered for admission into the PhD programme in Health Sciences if in possession of a Masters degree in 
Health Sciences from NUST, or an equivalent Masters degree in Health Sciences or related fields/sub‐fields from recognised insti‐ 
tutions subject to approval by NUST Senate. Furthermore, applicants need to provide evidence of having conducted supervised re‐ 
search at this level. The PhD degree in Health Sciences is a highly selective and specialisation‐based programme, hence admission 
will be based on internal capacity for supervision.

Students are admitted into the programme if they obtained a minimum of 65% in their Masters. Conditions such as recognition of
prior learning, industry experience, interviews and Faculty motivations can be considered to facilitate entry into the programme if 
the candidates obtained less than 65% in their Masters.

The Higher Degrees Committee (HDC) will approve the final selection and admission of the candidates in accordance with the reg‐ 
ulations as specified by the Rules for Postgraduate Studies of NUST

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