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Dr Meed Mbidzo

Head of Department: Natural Resources Sciences

Phone : +264 61 207 2869
Email :
Office Location : Office Block, Office Number 259


Ph.D., M.Sc.: Resource Conservation Biology(WITS)
MSc in Resource Conservation Biology (WITS, SA)
BSc in Botany & Zoology (UNAM)

Research interests

Dr Meed Mbidzo is an interdisciplinary conservation scientist with a background in both the natural and social sciences. Her current research interests can be summarized in four themes: 1) interaction between conservation policy and practice; 2) institutional arrangements for natural resource governance; 3) livelihood benefits of conservation and; 4) human-wildlife interactions. More recently, she is involved in projects that are investigating the social impacts of climate change; and another project that is set out to understand the ecological and social drivers of desertification tipping points.

Key Publications

Luetkemeier, Robert, Ronja Kraus, Meed Mbidzo, Morgan Hauptfleisch, Stefan Liehr, and Niels Blaum. 2023. "A Qualitative Exploration of Conflicts in Human-Wildlife Interactions in Namibia’s Kunene Region" Diversity 15, no. 3: 440.

Mbidzo, M., Newing, H. and Thorn, J.P., 2021. Can Nationally Prescribed Institutional Arrangements Enable Community-Based Conservation? An Analysis of Conservancies and Community Forests in the Zambezi Region of Namibia. Sustainability, 13(19), p.10663.

Luetkemeier, R., Mbidzo, M. and Liehr, S., 2021. Water security and rangeland sustainability: Transdisciplinary research insights from Namibian-German collaborations. South African Journal of Science, 117(1-2), pp.1-9.

Schwieger, D.A.M. and Mbidzo, M., 2020. Socio-historical and structural factors linked to land degradation and desertification in Namibia's former Herero'homelands'. Journal of Arid Environments, 178, p.104151.

Kamwi, J.M. and Mbidzo, M., 2020. Impact of land use and land cover changes on landscape structure in the dry lands of Southern Africa: a case of the Zambezi Region, Namibia. GeoJournal, pp.1-12.

Steimanis, I., Hofmann, R., Mbidzo, M. and Vollan, B., 2020. When female leaders believe that men make better leaders: Empowerment in community-based water management in rural Namibia. Journal of Rural Studies, 79, pp.205-215.

Mbidzo, M. (2016). The Dynamics of Governing Natural Resources in Namibia’s conservancies and Community Forests: Conservation and Social Implications. PhD Thesis, University of Kent, United Kingdom.

Mbidzo, M. (2003). Long-term consequences of Herbivory on soil and plant nutrient status in a savanna ecosystem: Kruger National Park, South Africa. Msc Thesis, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.

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