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Master of Agribusiness Management
Modes of Study  Full-time/ Part-time
Duration 2 Years
Level Postgraduate
Course Code 09MAGB


The Master of Agribusiness Management by research is a postgraduate degree designed for registration at NQF Level 9. The revised  Master’s  degree  is  designed  to  develop  students’  scientific  research  skills  in  various  areas  of  agribusiness  management.  The  programme  further  aims  at  equipping  students  with  various  methodological  approaches,  and  develop  competence  in  the  application of qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methods through participation in research projects under the supervision of  experienced  staff  members.  The  programme  will  provide  a  unique  education  and  required  knowledge  to  finding  sustainable  solutions to interdisciplinary challenges related to the management of agribusinesses. The research will be of applied nature and  aimed at addressing the practical problems related to Agribusiness Management in Namibia and beyond. Such research will lead  to a better understanding of the Namibian agribusiness environment, which will allow managers in agribusiness to manage the  country’s agricultural enterprises more effectively in terms of sustainability, with the emphasis on NDP5. Graduates will be able to  make meaningful contributions to the development of new knowledge/expertise in their areas of specialisation and to the socio‐ economic development of the country.


Admission Requirements 


Candidates, who hold Bachelor of Science Honours in Agriculture or related cognate areas at NQF Level 8, or equivalent qualification, 
from recognised institutions, may be considered for admission into this programme. Such qualifications must include a component 
of supervised research.

Final selection will be based on a personal interview with a departmental selection panel. Registration prior to the approval of a 
research proposal is provisional and will only become official, upon by the Higher Degrees Committee of the Namibia University of 
Science and Technology. These procedures will be fully explained to each prospective student during his or her personal interview.


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