About the Faculty

The Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences at the Namibia University of Science and Technology is designated to provide professional programmes aimed at production of cadres concerned with improving public health through; disease prevention, emergency medical care, disease diagnosis, patient care and management. The Faculty also takes on board basic Sciences and Mathematics, in line with the national Vision 2030 and the mission and vision of the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

The Faculty consists of three departments:

Health Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics as well as Natural and Applied Sciences. Currently the Faculty offers Bachelor of Science professional degree programmes in Biomedical Sciences and Environmental Health Sciences. The Faculty also offers the following bachelor degrees: Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Honours degree in Applied Mathematics, Honours degree in Applied Statistics as well as a Bachelor degree programme in Pre- Hospital Emergency Care.

Goals :

The Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences aims to: Provide quality teaching and learning programmes in fields related to Health, Environmental, Natural and Applied Sciences; Conduct quality research, those results and expertise of which will be commercially and community-directed in response to national, regional and global needs in line with the National Vision 2030; Develop life-long commitment to community engagement, both locally and internationally; Provide skilled graduates who will contribute towards improvement of the socio-economic conditions in the country and beyond

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