Bachelor of Science Honours


The Bachelor of Science (BSc) Honours with specialisations in Biotechnology, Applied Biotechnology, Applied Chemistry and Applied Physics is a one-year postgraduate designed as a continuation of the undergraduate BSc (major and minor). It aims at consolidating and deepening the knowledge and expertise in applied natural science disciplines and to develop student’s capacity to conduct supervised research of an applied nature. 

Candidates will be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Science Honours programme if they have a Bachelor of Science degree (with a major in Biology, or Chemistry or Physics) at NQF Level 7 from NUST.  Alternatively, candidates should have an equivalent qualification at NQF level 7 from a recognised institution, worth at least 360 NQF credits, or a pre-NQF Bachelor degree of at least three years duration from a recognised institution with specialisations in Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

NB: Admission into a specialisation will be based on the major undertaken previously at the undergraduate level (NQF Level 7).

Career Possibilities: 
Graduates in these fields are able to pursue careers in formulation, analysis and testing, consulting, research and development, environmental analyses, forensics, industrial quality control, marketing, management, technical sales, academia, chemical or instrumentation sales, entrepreneurship, accountancy, administration, law, advertising, the armed forces, municipalities, the civil service, financial management, general management, information technology, marketing, publishing, retailing, teaching, healthcare, technical writing, biotechnology, environmental agencies, and research and development. They will be able to find employment opportunities in private and government institutions, e.g. laboratories, manufacturing industries, universities and colleges, biotech firms, food processing firms, pharmaceutical companies, agricultural, and environmentally-oriented organisations.
Modes of Study: 
1 Year
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