Mathematics and Statistics

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Our Department revolves around three main alliances of teaching and learning, research and community service: Statistics and Mathematics, two emergent and imperative science fields for result base planning purposes and decision-making, understanding the challenges of our modern socio-economic societies from markets to human populations.

The Department offers a lively environment for studying and researching in the areas of applied statistics and applied mathematics. We offer Under-Graduate programmes as well as Post-Graduate programmes up to Masters level. We are also providing institutional core and service courses in Mathematics and Statistics to all departments at the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Mathematics and Statistics underlie the pillars and strength of science and technology, the department strives to balance deep research into applied topics such as applied mathematical modeling and real life topics in statistical econometrics.

We believe these programmes will add value to the technological needs of Namibia and are excited to pioneer it. We value interaction with students through teaching and learning as well as in outreach activities mostly in secondary schools. 

Our department welcomes you to join in this mission of studying patterns, making inferences and delving into analytics.   

Dr. Onesmus Shuungula

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