Research at the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences

Although the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences is relatively new, it has already strived to excellence in the area of research. Research conducted by the Faculty is of great importance and will contribute significantly to the knowledge base currently available. The prestige research conducted is sure to put both the Namibia University of Science and Technology on the map. The Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences upholds the NUST's vision, by contributing with research to the social, economic, cultural and political development of Namibia. Furthermore, it also brings Namibia a step closer to Vision 2030, in the areas of 'health and development' as well as 'developing a knowledge-based society'. Some of the research conducted focuses specifically on local topics, which will yield vital information for Namibia and its development. Other research focuses on furthering novelty and knowledge.

Current Research

Discrete Optimization Model for 2-Dimensional Energised Waves

Exposure to Zoonotic Diseases Among Namibian Blood Donors

Development of Lysin-Chitosan Functionilazed Therapeutic Polymer Against Group B Streptococci

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