Louise Theron

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Staff Details

Telephone Number: 
+264 61 207 2345
Office Location: 
Office Block, Office Number 230
B.Sc. Hons. (Potch.), H.E.D. (UNISA), M.Sc.: Entomology (UOFS)

Research interests

Insects play a major role in any ecosystem and are also of extreme importance to the well-being of humans. They crucial components of many ecosystems, where they perform many important functions. Insects aerate the soil, pollinate blossoms, and control insect and plant pests. Many insects, especially beetles, are scavengers, feeding on dead animals and fallen trees, thereby recycling nutrients back into the soil. However, they can cause great crop damage and act as vectors for many diseases. My research interest to develop an understanding of insect biology.  

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